I was thinking about the theme for my blog for the past 2 days and I have finally decided to share something that I come across in my day to day life. Today let me tell something about the movie that I watched last night, “SALT

SALT - Angelina JolieSalt is not a regular male dominated action movie. Angelina Jolie has played a remarkable role in this movie as “SALT“. I admire Angelina Jolie’s elegant look throughout the movie. The fight scenes and Jolie’s way of escaping are wonderful in this movie.

The CIA Agent “Evelyn Salt” goes on the run after being accused as a Russian Spy. She is desperate to save her loving husband. The film refuses to tell us for some time, whether she is indeed a mole or not.

SaltThis movie is a fast one and has got lots of twists and unexpected turns which add more spice to the movie. I read in a press release that this movie was initially written for a male lead “Edwin Salt“. Later Edwin Salt was changed to “Evelyn Salt“.

SALT - Angelina JolieThis is really a good film that once again proves Jolie as one of the best actresses. I like when all the puzzles fall in the right place only at the end of the movie. It is a good entertaining action movie.

4 Responses to “SALT”

  1. Ur blog tempts me to watch that movie :D ;-)

  2. Me an my husband watched SALT :-) It was good :-)

  3. Enaku enna solrathunae theriyala!!

    I mean I’m dumbstruck!! :D

    I knw u r gud reviewer of Chineseeee films ;)
    Ipo..Hollywood range ku move ayiteenga!!..

    Expecting more!!! :D

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